Dr. Sonal Salinas - Veterinarian


Dr. Sonal Salinas is a West Texas native. While working as a veterinary technician, she realized what vocation she wanted to dedicate her life to.

She moved to Austin, TX continuing to work as a veterinary technician as she applied to vet schools around the world. She was accepted by the acclaimed Royal Veterinary College and moved to London in the United Kingdom in August 2016 to realize her dream. Having graduated in June 2020 she has moved back home to Texas to start her career. She currently lives with her fiancé and 2 guinea pigs, Krile and Tataru.

She is currently interested in small animal medicine and surgery but would love to see exotic animals shortly. Her hobbies include cooking, baking, and video games. Dr. Sonal Salinas is excited to have joined the team at Old Town Vet Hospital as a veterinarian to help serve any pet, big or small, in the Georgetown area!